Ник-Трейд Груп ЕООД
Ник-Трейд Груп ЕООД

 Nik-Trade Group is a company that imports a large assortment of tools for glass processing.

The main objectives for us to offer our customers high quality products at optimal prices; customization of each order to improve the quality and speed of service.


We turn the client's needs a top priority for our company and the quality performance of each order in our core business.


The number one priority for us is quality. That's why we only work with companies established the global markets for many years. Big range of products that we offer allows us to deal with the individual needs of each client.


Today, as yesterday and in the future, we have the ability, desire and confidence that we can satisfy not only the high demands of our customers, but also our own, which brings us pleasure to offer always the best.